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Quartzsite - Arizona (also see here)

Copyright2001, Carl BurnhamAs members of the Escapees RV Club, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves boondocking in the Sonoran Desert, visiting with new Boomer (which stands for Baby Boomer) friends and exploring the area. The sunsets and views of the stars after dark are awe-inspiring and like no other.

Surrounding us in the Sonoran Desert were views of the Plamosa Mountains and multitudes of Saguaro cactus. These cacti can weigh several thousand pounds, and are up to 60 feet tall. When Gus (our golden retreiver) first saw one, he thought it was a giant bone and tryed to bite it. He quickly changed his mind...

Within Quartzsite is the worlds largest, a 47-armed Saguaro. The cacti are home to many birds, and the red fruit produced is edible in the summer. The skin can expand when it rains to take in water for use up to years later. Watch out for the cholla "jumping" cactus in the desert, which has the tendency for pieces of it to get attached to your shoes, jeans, anything. Within Quartzsite, as far as you can see are booths and RVs, the largest RV show and outdoor flea market in the world held each year. You have to be savvy to avoid the traffic.

Gathered around the campfire to sing Route 66 and other former hits.Hearing the crackling of the campfire and singing guitar songs with new friends while looking up at a million stars is like no other feeling. The Boomers have campfires every night to catch up on what everyone has been doing. Here, Bob Tessier leads in singing the classic Route 66 song.

Discovery Channel film crew at the Boomer campsite

While here, we were interviewed by a film crew from the new Discovery Civilization Channel. As young fulltime RVers, we were interviewed on camera about our busy lifestyle, online business, book writing, views on RVing, and the reasons why we choose to travel. Several other Boomers were interviewed for the show as well. After seeing our surroundings, it was not difficult for the crew to understand why we love to travel and report on our scenic America. Photographed here is the camera crew, with our fifth wheel in the background.

Another beautiful morning in the Sonoran DesertOur RV is one of the few here that uses a generator, a new Honda EU1000i. Very quiet, and operates eight hours on a half tank of gas on eco-mode. With no hookups here in the desert, many of the Boomers use solar panels. At night, it is surprisingly quiet. We did hear a pack of coyotes howling out in the desert, not too far from where we are camped...

Copyright, Carl Burnham The scenes at sunset are unique. Here, the sky is on fire as the sun sets in West. See here for more of our travels to Quartzsite, and look for more areas we feature in Arizona and beyond. Stay tuned...

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