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Bernard Zee, pictured with his trusty DSLR ready to capture amazing wondersBernard Zee

I consider the San Francisco Bay area home to me.   Like many people here, I am somewhat of a transplant. 

I graduated from Texas A&M University in ’89 with a E.E. Masters degree, and came out west on a job interview because that’s where my future wife was staying at that time.   Once here, I decided that I really liked California, and took the job.

Since then, I got married (yes, same girl), had a couple of kids, and changed jobs.  Got a house along the way, which is a good thing too, as it would be prohibitively expensive nowadays!

My day job is a Software Quality Engineer supervisor at a leading Oncology medical equipment manufacturer.  It’s usually stressful and challenging work, but it’s also satisfying since what we do makes a difference for cancer patients.

Features by Bernard:
Fleetweek In San Francisco

Photography has been a hobby with me since I was young, but the birth of digital photography has really let me indulge in it!  Having a software background helps when dealing with post processing, image file management, and storage and backup issues.  In a sense, it’s a lot more hassle, but the advantages far outweigh the extra overhead.

Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to explore the business side of photography a little more in the future! 

His email address is here.
View some of Bernard Zee's amazing photography.

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