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Natchez - Mississippi - by Tommy Ford

History and mystery mix liberally in Natchez, high on the bluffs overlooking the rolling Mississippi River. Natchez is one of our favorite places and we visit often.

Founded by the French in 1716, Natchez is the oldest town on the Mississippi River, predating New Orleans by two years. Later both the Spanish and British ruled the area, which finally became the capital of the Mississippi Territory in 1798.

Prior to European settlement, Natchez was the site of the "Grand Village" of the mysterious Natchez Indians. These native people had a complex and fascinating social structure revolving around a chieftain known as the "Great Sun." They were a mound building people with a ceremonial center located just off what is now Highway 61 south of Natchez. The Natchez possessed a thriving culture until conflict with the French led them to massacre the garrison at Fort Rosalie in 1729.

The French retaliated brutally. The remnants of the Natchez tribe were soon scattered throughout the southeast and they ceased to function as a cohesive tribal unit. The site of the "Grand Village" is today a park administered by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. The park museum displays artifacts excavated at the site. A walking trail leads the visitor through the ceremonial mound complex, which saw desperate battles in the war with the French.

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Built in 1927, the Natchez Eola Hotel overlooks downtown and is within 3 blocks of the Mississippi River.
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True Southern hospitality awaits at this Natchez gem

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