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Savannah - Georgia

Statue dedicated to Florence Martus, who for 44 years waved at ships as they entered the harbor. With over 2000 buildings of historical significance, Savannah is alive with history. Over 70% of these have been restored. We took a trolley tour through the historical downtown district, amazed at the beauty of the city.

From our trolley, we passed the mansion from the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", where they even have a bookstore dedicated to the book and movie. It is just referred to as "the book" in Savannah. The park where Forest Gump's park bench scene was filmed is here, plus many more locations used for movies.

There are 23 squares in downtown. Each one has huge oak trees and lots of green. The town was originally planned with these. There were more but a couple have been replaced with parking garages. There is an art college is downtown Savannah with over 5000 students.

Savannah was the first planned community in the country. We walked along River Street which runs along the Savannah River. There are many shops and restaurants on this street. The street is made of cobblestones from hundreds of years ago. We ate at a restaurant on the river, leisurely enjoying shrimp po-boys, with beignets for dessert. A must stop is for pralines and divinity at the Savannah Candy Factory on River Street. There were artists and a one-man band along the river. City Market has lots of quaint shops along the street.

Continue on to read about Tybee Island and Fort Pulaski.

We plan to visit Savannah and the Tybee Island again to feature and highlight more of the rich heritage, genteel Southern ways, and scenics the area provides.

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