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Sea World - Orlando, Florida

Sea World is a marine life theme park wonderland featuring shows, rides and many close-up views of sea turtles, penguins, sharks, manatees, and killer whales. If you are adventurous, you can feed dolphins, sting rays, sea lions and seals. In the Wild Arctic area you can see beluga whales, walruses and polar bears. An exciting simulated jet helicopter ride takes you to the Arctic for close-up views of animals in the wild. 

The Stars of the Show at Sea World

Here Shamu and Bamu the killer whales entertained the crowd, with their astounding size and abilities. The largest in the show weighed in at 11,000 lbs. That's almost as much weight as an RV! During the show, watch out, the whales have a splash range past the 14th row of seats in the stadium. 

The dolphin and false killer whale show star Dolly and Cindy, two dolphins who have been with Sea World since it opened in 1973. They really please the crowd with their antics with impressively high jumps and even doing the "limbo". Streak the false killer whale showed his stuff also. 

Entertaining the CrowdOur favorite show was the sea lion and otter adventure. Clyde (shown here in the photo at right) and Seamore Take Pirate Island gave us many laughs. It was uncanny how human the sea lions seemed. The two sea lions could dance, shake fins, search for lost treasure maps, talk and splash unsuspecting audience members! 

Shamu's Happy Harbor, a 3-acre water play area, is a favorite with children. The dolphin nursery shows dolphin babies and their mothers swimming and playing together. In Terrors of the Deep, sharks, barracuda, eels, and venomous fish are shown in their native habitat. The Anheuser-Busch Hospitality Center features the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales. A professional water skiing show presents aerial stunts and acrobatics.
Be Prepared To Get Wet.The newest attraction is the Journey to Atlantis water-coaster thrill ride through the lost city of Atlantis. (42" height requirement) For an additional fee a ride on the 400-foot Sky Tower is available.
There is a floorless mega-coaster, the Kraken, which is the longest, fastest, tallest roller coaster in Orlando and the first of it's kind in the Southeast.

Directions and Fees

Sea World is at 7007 Sea World Dr. at junction of Interstate 4 and SR 528(Bee Line Expressway). Admission price (subject to change) $44.00 for adults. Sky tower $3. Parking $5 for autos and $7 for RV's.
Hours -- Daily 9-7, extended hours during peak season. Phone (407) 351-3600. 

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