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Gold prospecting Around Quartzsite - Arizona (also see here)

On our return visit to Quartzsite, we spent more time browsing all of the booths and seeing the antique cars on display. Our favorite activities during the weeks that we were there was spending time with RV friends, seeing the awesome sunsets, and going into town to eat at Sweet Darlenes.

Saguaro cactus in the foregroundWe boondocked in the same area again with the Boomers on
BLM land in the Sonoran Desert, with views of the Plamosa Mountains all around. By boondocking, for the non-RVers, that means off the grid, not connected to electricity. We had a Honda generator, our batteries, and water, all that we needed for the weeks we spent there. Many full-time RVers invest in sophisticated solar panels to boondock more often.

Exploring around QuartzsiteMy friend Walt and I spent a day exploring the mountain trails and area canyons, while doing a little gold prospecting. There is reportedly still alot of gold left in the ground if you have the time to look for it. Our find for the day were just little specks of gold.

Old prospector's stone cabin We did come across what was left of an old prospectors stone cabin. When the stone cabin was occupied, the owner could see from his window, a scenic view of the valley below, and the town. All around, we could see evidence of diggings that took place many years ago.

A Quartzsite vendor perfects another bear with his torch

There are lots of sights to see in town. Take your time. The clock moves a little slower here. Plus the traffic will make you want to walk anyway.

Another perfect sunset at QuartzsiteThe sunsets here have to be experienced first-hand to fully appreciate. For the scenery, the people, and the sites, Quartzsite is a one-of-a-kind piece of Americana. Take your time, with the traffic and the crowds in town, and expect to wait some. Above all, the sunsets can't be beat. Read our previous Quartzsite feature here.

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