FEATURED TIMESHARE: 84,000 Points PLUS, $3,995, Complete DEED SOLD

Vacation getaways
Interested in Advertising your Timeshare or Property Here?
Fairfield timeshares
Vacations are a time to unwind, and to really enjoy yourself. Some of the best memories in life are those while on vacation.
Imagine taking the vacations you have always dreamed of...

Gain the right exposure for your vacation property by being featured here, on a non-exclusive basis, for a one-time listing fee of $295, which includes having a featured page. When it sells, a commission of 15% of the sales price is due from the seller at the close of the sale. Contact us here to get started. For timeshares and properties that are less than $2,500, contact us for details. Any closing costs that are paid to the closing agencies are in addition to the commission.

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